6 challenge series, web, easy to silly

Goodbye Galaxy

This series is a misc web bundle that ranges in difficulty. One challenge is hard, but not in a good way.                          

play | published 08-Oct-2020



4 challenge series, linux / ARM, easy to hard

Over The Top

Interested in building some ARM skills? You don't need to run in big guns blazing like Rambo, take it one ret at a time for the memory buffer overflows.

play | published 02-Sep-2020



4 challenge series, web/crypto, easy to moderate

Noughty by Nature

This is all about a good block cypher.                                                                             

You down with CBC/ECB?                                                                             

play | published 06-Aug-2020



6 challenge series, crypto & RE, easy to hard

Cake & Soda

Cake & Soda is a bundle of Linux CTF challenges requiring reverse engineering and some crypto knowledge to solve.

We hope you're bred for this, just don't act sour though.

play | published 3-Jul-2020



5 challenge series, web, trivial to easy


A web series of challenges that will allow you to inject your command & control in no time.                                                    

play | published 17-Jun-2020



7 challenge series, linux, trivial to hard

Corrupt Penguin

A release of misc. Linux challenges that require memory corruption to solve with a steady increase in difficulty.

play | published 27-May-2020



6 challenge series, web, easy to hard

Marshall Mathers

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known professionally as Eminem, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive and actor. Marshall believes serial liars are dangerous.

play | published 29-Apr-2020



9 misc challenges, linux, trivial to moderate

Disparate Penguin

A bundle of misc Linux challenges that do not require memory corruption to solve and have varying levels of difficulty, style, and potential annoyance.

play | published 15-Apr-2020



8 challenge series, web, easy to moderate

Insatiable Birdie

The drinking bird is a heat engine that exploits a temperature differential to convert heat energy to a pressure differential within the device, and perform mechanical work.

Exploit each level to trick the birdie so it thinks you're someone else.

play | published 1-Apr-2020




We will decide on the next series to launch soon to torment those stuck inside on their computer.


Step 1 - Choose a level

Read the library release summary and click on the image on the side to show the release link(s).

Step 2 - Get and run

Click on the release link(s) to download a DockerHub image or Vagrant env that can be run locally.

Step 3 - Play and solve

Wash your hands for 20 seconds, see the README, and immerse yourself (with some kleenex handy for tears).